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How to make the ultimate iced coffee – now that the sun's back

How to enjoy that coffee shop experience from the comfort of your own home.


We may have to wait a little longer before the temperature rises but the sun is shining and therefore it's the perfect time to treat yourself to an iced coffee...

What makes the perfect iced coffee?

It's a little different for everyone. Some prefer the bitter kick of an Americano, some prefer the sweetness of a Vietnamese over ice, while others opt for a cocktail iteration – complete with vodka.

Whatever your preference, Nespresso's new Barista Creations For Ice boasts the drink for you. For those a fan of the coffee giant already (God knows we miss the machine in our office) you may find their new range a little more exciting than usual.

Created specifically so that coffee can meet its match and reach its full potential when poured over ice, the new range promises to create your ideal at-home iced coffee every time. 

Available in both Original and Vertuo systems, the four iced coffee options available to you are:

  • Freddo Delicato (Original)

A Kenyan coffee resplendent with fruity notes which has been crafted specifically to deliver delicate notes to your palate.

  • Freddo Intenso (Original)

A blend of South American Arabica and Indonesian Arabica beans which packs an intense flavour and full-bodied finish.

  • Ice Leggero (Vertuo)

Full of delicate fruity and cereal coffee notes roasted lightly and ground specifically to deliver a delicate, cooling sensation.

  • Ice Forte (Vertuo)

The South American Arabica’s mix with the Indonesian Arabica to offer an indulgent aromatic experience. 

So, what will it be?

Priced at 45c each – far more affordable than your morning wake-me-up – create a little joy in your recently opened office by picking some up now. 

And for those of you still looking to upskill your coffee game at home sans Nespresso, check out our foolproof iced coffee recipe here. Bottoms up!

Originally posted on Irish Tatler, our sister publication.

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