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How to make the perfect mocha at home

*No barista skills required


Coffee, chocolate, milk...three ingredients is all you will need to make this combination of heavenly cocoa and milk foam!

For a lot of people, coffee is the first thing they think of when they wake up in the morning. In fact, it's the main reason they even manage to get up out from under the covers. And nowadays, drinking coffee is a more stylised affair than pouring hot water into a spoonful of instant coffee.

From learning how to brew barista-style coffee at home and mastering the art of iced coffee, it's fair to say that many of us have perfected our coffee skills over the past year. But even if your pour-over techniques rival that of an award-winning barista, there still remains one caffeinated beverage that we're all yet to master: the mocha. 

Mocha is short for a “mocha latte” or a “caffe mocha,” which is essentially a latte with chocolate. Traditionally, a mocha consists of one shot of espresso, hot frothed milk, and chocolate, which can be in the form of chocolate syrup, melted chocolate or cocoa powder. These three ingredients are what you'll get in your cup, whether you order a mocha from your local coffee shop or go to a sidewalk cafe in the heart of Italy.

But the best part about a mocha is you don't even have to leave the house to get one. We quizzed the experts over at Nespresso (because really, who else is there to ask when it comes to coffee?) on how to craft your own homemade mocha. 

Keep scrolling for their ultimate mocha recipe plus a video tutorial from the experts themselves.

Nespresso Homemade Mocha Recipe

Serves one. 


  • 80ml Barista Creations Leggero
  • 4 squares Dark Chocolate
  • 100ml Semi-skimmed Milk


  • Nespresso Vertuo Machine
  • Cappuccino glass
  • Nespresso Barista Device


  1. Place 4 chocolate squares, 80ml of milk and the Barista Creations Leggero into the Barista jug.
  2. Close the lid and press start on the Mocha recipe setting.
  3. Pour into a Cappuccino glass
  4. Serve and enjoy!


Nespresso Barista Creations Vertuo Capsules are priced at €0.54 each and are available to order now alongside the Vertuo Next Premium Coffee Machine priced at €199.
See nespresso.com for more information. 

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