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Bushmills Irish coffee

A simple recipe for the perfect winter warmer


An absolute classic, and perfect for colder weather, a good Irish coffee is a great drink to have in your repertoire and it couldn't be easier to make.

This recipe comes from Bushmills in Co Antrim and teams the intensity of coffee - and the all-important cream - with the smoothness of Bushmills Original. Give it a try.


  • 35ml Bushmills Original 

  • 10 - 15ml demerara syrup (or you can use 1tsp of brown sugar)
  • Black coffee / Americano 
  • Double cream float


  1. Pre-heat a glass coffee mug using hot water then rinse.
  2. Make one Americano coffee and pour into the glass, leaving enough space for the cream.
  3. Add 35ml Bushmills Original and demerara syrup or brown sugar.
  4. Muddle until mixed and gently add cream float on top to serve.

    Recipe from Bushmills Irish whiskey

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