With an increasing amount of people looking to cut out, or cut back on alcohol, there are finally some tempting options beyond the glass of sparkling water or an uninspiring soft drink.

Irish husband and wife team Andrew and Tracy Oates have come up with an innovative option: Silk Tree, Ireland’s first non-alcoholic spirit. It’s a sophisticated full-bodied tipple, that could be as satisfying as a gin and tonic.

Distilled in Old Carrick Mill in Co. Monaghan, the spirit is made in the traditional way, in a copper still. All the ingredients are responsibly sourced and there’s no added sugar or preservatives, (making it a low-calorie alternative too).

Made in small batches, the recipe blends cinnamon, juniper, coriander seeds and lemon verbena for a smooth finish that gives a warming sensation as it goes down.

Drink it neat, with a tonic and a slice of lime, or use it as an ingredient in cocktails.

Silk Tree is currently available in some Supervalu stores around Ireland, off-licences and certain bars and restaurants. You'll find a full list of stockists here

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Originally posted on Irish Tatler.