Cask Bar, Cork

Cask Bar, Cork Photo: Tadhg Nathan

Cork will be home to a one-off cocktail takeover event next week, where top London bar Coupette will bring its multi-award winning sparkle to Cask bar on MacCurtain Street.

Cask, which was recently crowned 'Bar of the Year' at the 2018 Bar of the Year Awards will host the exciting takeover by Coupette founder Chris Moore — who is known in the industry as “Mr Calvados”.

Chris was head bartender of the world-renowned Beaufort Bar in the Savoy Hotel, London before opening French-influenced Coupette in spring 2017 in Bethnal Green.

The Coupette ethos "combines innovation, simplicity and glamour together with a local, seasonal approach using lesser-known ingredients like Calvados, cidre and poiré."

Chris will co-host the takeover alongside Cask’s Andy Ferreira and Carl D’Alton, who are also prestigious award-winners, with both having represented Ireland internationally as winners of the World Class Irish Barman of the Year competition in 2017 and 2018 respectively. 

Chris’s menu at Cask will feature his signature Champagne Pina Colada cocktail, a modern twist on the classic.

Coupette’s ‘Apples’ cocktail; the Cask interior and exterior

Coupette’s ‘Apples’ cocktail; the Cask interior and exterior

Also on his menu for the Cask takeover, Chris will be featuring his signature cocktail ‘Apples’, which mixes Calvados apple brandy with cold-pressed apple juice that he carbonates daily in-house.

The calvados and apple that Chris uses to make ‘Apples’ change each month in order to showcase the depth and variety available.

In order to stay true to this ethos, Andy and Carl from Cask will be taking Chris to visit two local apple growers and drinks producers — Longueville House, producer of cider and apple brandy, as well as Killahora Orchards, which produces cider, apple port and ice wine made from apples.


Chris said, “I’m so excited to be visiting Cask. Everyone who I talk to about going to Cask raves about it. The fact that I’m simply going to see it seems to be generating a lot of excitement; never mind that I’m going to be making drinks there.

"I love the renegade, devil-may-care attitude that these guys have shown in their approach, in their creativity, and for making it one of the best cocktail bars anywhere. I can’t wait to see it in person.”

Andy Ferreira, manager of Cask, said: "This is the third world class bar to guest in Cask in as many months. It offers our team an opportunity to work with the best, but also to show these amazing bars how we approach cocktails and more importantly give them a taste in Irish hospitality which is very unique.

"Massive thanks to Ableforths Spirits for making it possible. We are pretty serious on only using produce that grows in Ireland but fortunately we have some serious apple producers who know how to use them."

The Chris Moore - Coupette to Cask event starts from 7.00pm on Monday the 17th of September at Cask.