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Coca-Cola Takes Mixers Top-Shelf With New Range

This is Coca-Cola, but for grown-ups!


Signature Mixers are made for those with more of a sophisticated taste profile in mind. 

Gin parties, ginvent calendars and even a Ginstitute hotel – try as you might claim that your penchant for gin was born organically, the resurgence en-masse of the clear spirit was more likely in response to trend forecasting and clever marketing. 

Spirts crafted by individuals rather than faceless international corporations, boujee serving garnishes and a diverse choice of premium mixers made drinking gin almost an art form - each person's preferences more elevated than the next. 

Now, post-The Great Gin Boom, there's a similar uplift predicted for dark spirits - spiced rums, gold tequilas, bourbons and whiskeys. Mintel claims the global market for dark spirits has grown by 20 per cent in the last 6 years and is valued at over 6 billion, some arguing that the world's state of political, environmental and economic upheaval is driving people to seek out what's familiar, what's nostalgic. 

And there's little more familiar to entire generations than the taste of Coca-cola

Coca-cola Signature Mixers 

While pairing Coca-Cola with a spirit of choice is standard procedure for many, the soft beverage wasn't originally created to be paired with alcohol. 

Now, the drinks giant has remedied this by creating an entirely new range of products: Coca-Cola Signature Mixers.

In a first for the global brand, four new premium drinks have been launched, all of which have been specially designed by world-renowned mixologists to complement dark spirits.

Tasked with reimagining the classic taste of Coca-Cola and experimenting with contemporary, complex ingredients, Max Venning of Three Sheets London; Antonio Naranjo of Dr Sravinsky Barcelona,  Adriana Chía and Pippa Guy of Solange Cocktails & Luxury Spirits and The American Bar at the Savoy respectively, and Alex Lawrence of Porter's Gin, each came up with their own recipe showcasing a particular flavour – smoky, woody, herbal and spicy

The Flavours 

Batch No. 01 Smoky - Features notes of Ylang Ylang, Ambrette seeds and Peru Balsam. Marries with bold and premium whisky, whiskey or rum, enhancing the woody, smoky notes of the dark spirit. 

Batch No.2 Spicy - A complex blend of bright Lime, Ginger and Jalapeno. More than pure heat, try this with spiced rums, gold tequilas and sweet whiskeys. 

Batch No. 03 Herbal - Balances refreshing, green notes of Lemongrass, Dill Seed and Hops. Pairs beautifully with rich amber whiskies and pretty much all rums. 

Batch No. 04 Woody - Subtle blend of Patchouli, Yuzu and Basil. Combines to elegantly enhance the mellow wood and sweet tropical flavours of golden rums and smoky whiskeys. 

They're currently not available as diet versions, containing 86 calories per 200ml serving.

The Design 

Further adding to the premium angle, the Coca-Cola Signature Mixers come bottled in a design inspired by the Hutchinson glass bottle - a design first used by the brand back in 1894 when it was first bottled rather than sold from a soda fountain.  

Straight-sided, a little bit retro and with minimalistic labelling, the aesthetic of the bottle aligns perfectly in the world of alchemy and mixology and the launch marks the first time that Coca-Cola has re-released the bottle in more than a century.

The Coca-Cola Signature Mixers Stockists

Try Coca-Cola's new Signature Mixers and figure which flavour is your favourite in a number of bars and restaurants around the country, including; Fade St. Social Dublin, Mulligan & Haines Dublin, Cask in Cork and Ten Square in Belfast. Retailing at €3.45, all four tastes are well worth a try. 

Watch the video below for some big Signature Mixer ASMR. 

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This article originally appeared on Irish Tatler.