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Donna Hay

Seasonal edible crafts to make with children

Lovely decorations and tasty gifts will keep their little hands busy.


We have gathered the best edible craft projects to make with the children this Christmas. 

The kitchen always proves a great play area for children, and getting them to create Christmas gifts and decorations is a good way to kill two birds with one stone; even if the result isn’t perfect, your friends and family will appreciate the gesture. 

These easy recipes, from chocolate bark to gingerbread house and beautifully decorated cupcakes, will provide a fun activity for your little ones - and should prove just as tasty! 

Snowman chocolate bark

A short list of ingredients, a few easy steps: this tasty chocolate bark will be a piece of cake even for young children.

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Christmas tree crispy treats

These little Christmas trees look quite impressive but don't require a long list of ingredients or too many skills. However, you probably should wear gloves while making them in order to avoid having the Grinch's hands for days afterward.

Stained glass cookies

Easy yet truly beautiful, these small biscuits will impress your guests if you place them on the Christmas tree or around the dinner table. 

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Ornament sugar cookies

Let the small ones express their creativity with these lovely little biscuits, which could be used at decoration or thoughtful gifts for family members. 

Easy gingerbread house

Making a gingerbread house isn't an easy task, but this version seems perfectly doable, especially for older children.

Mini cookie house

This is an even easier version of a gingerbread house, which should work great for younger kids.

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Snow globe cupcakes

These cupcakes require a bit more dexterity but the result is worth the work you put in. 

Christmas tree cookies

These elegant little biscuits will look delightful in a cookie box or wrapped as a gift for your kid's aunties and uncles. 

Gingerbread men garland

Hang this cute ornament near the Christmas tree on Christmas eve, Santa will surely enjoy a quick bite while delivering the presents for the family... Don't forget to leave a carrot for the reindeers. 

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