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Prosecco jelly

An elegant way to end a meal, these jellies are always a welcome dessert

Serving: 6
Difficulty: Easy


  • 135g raspberry jelly
  • 475ml prosecco
  • 200g mixed frozen berries
  • 1-2 tsp of 'pink your drink' or red food colouring


  1. Put the jelly cubes into a jug. Add the 'pink your drink' or red food colouring to 100ml boiling water, pour this over the jelly cubes and stir until the jelly has fully dissolved. Cool, then slowly stir in the prosecco. 
  2. Divide the fruit between 6 x 150 ml prosecco classes or champagne saucers, then pour some of the jelly into each glass to just cover the fruit. Cover and chill until the surface is just set - this holds the fruit in place and refrains the berries from floating to the top.
  3. Top with the remaining jelly, cover and chill until to set.  

Recipe courtesy of M&S