So many people love to cook, and who can blame them?! We acknowledge that our readers are more than home cooks, that there are chefs in the making who are as passionate about food and creating beautiful dishes at home as the pros. We've selected five gift ideas from Stellar kitchenware that any amateur chef would love.         

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Calibrated Baster 

This isn't just any meat baster and any cook will know how important measurements are in a recipe when trying to get the best results. The TC113 Judge Baster, with removable tip and cleaning brush, is calibrated in ml and fl ozs. Screw in the removable tip for injecting meat and poultry. 

5-Piece Saucepan Set 

Enhance your kitchen essentials with this fantastic five-piece saucepan set. There is no point spending money on pans that won't last if you cook regularly. This set comes with the Stellar Lifetime Pan Guarantee and 10-Year Non-Stick Guarantee.

It is designed for induction hobs, they're made with thick hot-forged bases to ensure even heat distribution. Complete with anti-slip, stay cool, soft grip handles and mirror-polished high-quality stainless steel, they are a must-have for all your cooking needs.

Skimmer & Citrus Zester & Scoop Colander 

Three tools that no chef's kitchen can do without. They are crafted from durable stainless steel; the skimmer has been expertly designed for efficiency featuring a hollow handle with a finger moulded inner for exceptional comfort, the citrus zester features finger moulded handles for a great grip and the scoop colander is so handy for draining pasta and vegetables with minimal effort.

Rocktanium 2-Piece Frying Pan Set

Loved by professionals, Stellar cookware makes for a permanent addition to any kitchen. The scratch-resistant and non-stick service can handle even the toughest cook, while the stainless steel cast handles guarantee long-term durability. Lifetime guarantee (10 years on non-stick), suitable for all hob types, dishwasher and oven safe to 210 degrees, scratch resistant, non-stick.

Roast and Rack Roasting Pan 

Cook up the most delicious roasted meat accompanied by homemade gravy in this cooking essential. Made from durable carbon steel, this 40cm roasting pan and rack are heat resistant up to 180 degrees and suitable for all hob types. With its innovative non-stick coating and lifetime manufacturer guarantee, you can be sure this piece is easy to use and clean and is built to last.

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