Are you a chocolate fan?

Are you a chocolate fan?Getty

We’ve teamed up with Lily O’Brien’s chocolates for what could be the best blind taste test ever. We’re looking for Food&Wine fans to take on the - very difficult - task of tasting chocolate and giving us their verdicts.

Lily O’Brien’s recently launched 40% Mega Milk Share Bag chocolates, which, as the name suggests, are 40% cocoa, for an intense milk chocolate hit. The brand is so confident that the new chocolate is the best around, that it wants to put it to the test.

We are looking for Food&Wine readers to act as taste testers, trying three variations of chocolates, from three different brands, to see which are their favourites.

We need you!

Ten people will be selected at random to take part and they’ll be sent a selection of chocolate to try. We’ll be asking them to vote on things like texture and flavour - and we’re excited to see the results!

If it sounds like something you’ll be interested in, email [email protected] with your name and address by 3pm Thursday 18 July.

Please note: this is not open to employees of confectionary companies.

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