Nothing makes a better sambo than a fresh loaf of bread! Thanks to Wilkinson Baking Company, you don't have to worry about baking your own loaf as their new BreadBot will do it for you.

The BreadBot was launched at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show this week, showcasing its astounding ability to produce a fresh loaf every 10 minutes. According to Business Insider, the robotic baker is poised to takeover bread production and distribution in supermarkets (unfortunately, it’s not for home bakers – yet!).

Randall Wilkinson, chief executive of Wilkinson Baking Company, says the selling point of the machine is that it ensures bread on store shelves is as fresh as possible, enticing consumers to purchase the loaves. One version of the BreadBot is similar to a classic vending machine and allows customers to grab their preferred loaf, whereas another was demonstrated as a means of instore production. Wilkinson hopes that eventually customers will be able to specify what sort of loaf they’d like – seeded, brown, reduced salt etc. – and then head along to the supermarket an hour later for collection. Sounds like a bread-lover’s dream come true!

Watch the video below to see the bot in action:

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The BreadBot follows a series of new food-based inventions that have been launched at the Consumer Electronics Show over the past few years, including a pizza-making robot and Bubble Lab’s robotic barista. The barista robot comes with features to measure out the perfect amount of milk, so none is wasted, as well as robotic arms that actually make your flat white, allowing your human barista to chat away with you and serve other customers.

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