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Where To Get Your Brownie Fix In Dublin

These five places are some of our favourites.


Who doesn't love a brownie?

Brownies are a firm favourite here in Dublin and we reckon you'd be hard pressed to find a bakery, café or restaurant that doesn't serve them. They're always a solid choice for when you need a treat, a pick-me-up or just because you're craving something sweet. While we know there are a lot of places that serve brownies in Dublin, these five places are some of our favourites. 

1. Camerino Bakery

Capel Street and Merrion Square

We couldn't write a piece about brownies without including Camerino Bakery. As the Merrion Square outlet is just around the corner from our office, we've been known to nip in and grab a cheesecake brownie to satisfy out mid-afternoon chocolate cravings. While the cheesecake brownie is probably one of our favourite brownies in Dublin, you can't go wrong with any variety from Camerino Bakery; we're particularly fond of the gluten-free brownie and the peanut butter brownies.

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2. Queen of Tarts

Cow's Lane and Cork Hill

Queen of Tarts is one of Dublin's most reliably bakeries as you can always find something delicious to eat when you visit either location. We're particularly mad about their brownies, which are super fudgy and delicious. If you're around the Temple Bar area and are looking for a nice place for a pot of tea and a sweet treat, then Queen of Tarts should definitely be your first port of call. 

3. The Orange Tree Bakery

Rathmines Road Lower

The Orange Tree Bakery is one of Dublin's best-kept secrets. The coffee is always great and the baked goods are delicious, but their standout offering is easily their brownies. One bite of these fudgy, chocolate-packed wonders and you'll be at The Orange Tree Bakery's door all the time to try and nab one of the best brownies in Dublin. 

4. Brother Hubbard

Capel Street (North) and Harrington Street (South)

While we're obsessed with brunch at Brother Hubbard, we're also crazy about their top-notch brownies. Whether you visit the Southside or Northside branch, you'll always find an array of delicious baked goods, but we'd definitely recommend you go for the brownie. Jam-packed with flavour, these brownies are the perfect post-brunch treat. 

5. Meet Me In The Morning

Pleasant's Street

Winner of the Best For Brunch award at the 2018 F&W Awards, Meet Me In The Morning's brownies are nearly the stuff of legend here in Dublin. With a couple of varieties on offer, it's hard to choose which one to order, so we recommend you bring a few pals so you can try each one. While the café might be jam-packed when you arrive, the wait for some of the best brownies in Dublin will be well worth the wait.

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Where do you think serves the best brownies in Dublin? Let us know in the comments below.