Blanco Niño, Ireland's only authentic tortilleria, is on a mission to create the country's best tortilla chip.

Blanco Niño was set up by Phil Martin, an Irishman who travelled to Mexico to learn more about the art of authentic tortilla-making. By visiting tortillerias all over the country, Phil, who was nicknamed Blanco Niño, was taught to the ancient Aztec process of nixtamalisation, which helps to give authentic tortillas their unique flavour.

Returning home to Ireland, Phil opened Blanco Niño, Ireland's first tortilleria. The company has sold more than 15 million corn tortillas to date, supplying chefs and restaurateurs across Europe. Knowing that Blanco Niño has mastered the art of soft corn tortillas, Phil is now determined to take the next step and launch a new product into supermarkets – the company's first tortilla chips.

In order to raise the capital needed to produce these high-end tortilla chips, Blanco Niño has decided to crowdfund, believing that there is a definite desire for premium tortilla chips, as Mexican cuisine continues to grow in popularity. Hoping to launch their product later this summer, when Blanco Niño's crowdfunding campaign went live, 50% of the target was reached within a week! At the time of writing, a total of 90% of the target had been reached. With two days left of the campaign, there's still time to get involved with this effort – click here for more info. 

To find out more about the campaign, we spoke to Ruth Jenkins, head of marketing at Blanco Niño:

"We've been working in the tortilla foodservice industry for the past three years and we're established in 13 countries. We feel that supermarkets don't represent real Mexican food and tortilla chips, not in the same way that restaurants do.

We're planning to launch our tortilla chips later this year, but we need to buy our last piece of equipment, which is a fryer. We're already in conversation with some supermarkets to get the product on shelves, which is why we're crowdfunding so we can get there as quickly as possible."

Want to get involved? Head to Blanco Niño's website for more info about the campaign and the incredible story behind these delicious tortillas.