Paying through the roof just to get our caffeine fix is a problem we're all too familiar with (€4 for a Flat White? We'll never learn...) but a new-ish place at Grand Canal Dock is solving all our woes. 

Nutbutter on Forbes St is a healthy haven that opened earlier this year, serving up colourful Acai bowls, superfood salads with jackfruit and black jasmine rice and homemade Nutella and bee pollen toasts. So far, so yum.

They've now gone the extra mile with their Silverskin Coffee however, offering ALL coffees for just €2 on weekdays.

Considering they open at 7.30am, that's our morning brew sorted 

Nutbutter also does lunch and dinner until 9.30pm (think hot plates of Rainbow Pad Thai or a Chorizo Temphe with charred sprouts), so you can enjoy their fresh food and Insta-worthy decor all day long.

Best value coffee in town? We certainly think so.