Food Waste - make carrot top pesto

Food Waste - make carrot top pesto

We are big supporters here at F&W of reducing food waste, so here are 7 easy tips to do just that

We've all done it, thrown out leftovers that you were sure you were going to eat, tossed the last few slices of bread from a nearly stale loaf or let that avocado sit for just one day too long. So, in order to 'waste not, want not,' we've compiled 7 easy tips to reduce food waste, one for each day of the week. Read on!

1 Don’t over plan– sure,we all like to be organised, but planning your meals too far in advance and shopping for the week ahead can often be one of the biggest culprits in creating food waste. If possible, shop for less but more often.

2  Organise your fridge and freezer– rotate your food so the oldest is at the forefront and always at eye level so it’s more likely to be used. Produce drawers are great in theory, but their contents can often be forgotten about. Consider keeping your condiments in there instead of your fresh produce.

3 Plan your meals according to what’s in the fridge, with the aim of buying the least amount of products to make a meal. Plan a ‘hodge-podge’ dinner at least once a week, where you challenge yourself to make a meal out of ingredients you already have.

4 Only buy loose produce in the supermarkets, such as potatoes, carrots, etc. and just buy what you need. Or stick to farmers’ markets and local producers if possible. You’re far less likely to throw away food that you know has been lovingly and time-consumingly grown by someone local, not to mention the superior quality.

5 If you have a surplus of fruit, it can quickly be converted into a fruit compote which will make a delicious topping for pancakes or scones and take up less room in the fridge or freezer.

6 Get creative – Parmesan rinds can be added to dishes for extra flavour, homemade pesto can be frozen in rounds similar to garlic butter, leftover bread can be whizzed up with some herbs to make breadcrumbs to be easily stored in the freezer and soups, stocks and smoothies are your best friends when it comes to using up leftover veg. 

7 Do doggy bags – if you can’t finish a meal in a restaurant, don’t be shy about asking for it to be bagged up for your lunch the next day.

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