Christmas just quite simply wouldn't be Christmas without indulging in some lush desserts. Aoife Noonan has just the treat for adding that sense of occasion and something special to your festive meals. 

Aoife Noonan is from Dublin and her talent and skill as a chef are renowned. Her work credentials thus far are impressively high and have seen her flourish in her specialty area – pastry. She was the Head Pastry Chef of Ireland’s only two Michelin-starred restaurant, Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, for nearly four years before becoming Executive Pastry Chef at Luna in 2016, and has most recently worked as Executive Pastry Chef at Glover’s Alley by Andy McFadden.  

Here, Aoife shares some of her favourite Christmas foods and recipes...

My Favourite Christmas Food Memory

"It has to be eating Ferrero Rocher on Christmas Day. We'd always get some, left under the tree, and we literally just tear into eating it straight away and continue to do so for most of the day. I think Christmas is the only time of year that eating chocolate for breakfast is okay and I definitely always do!"

My Favourite Christmas Food

"Something I love doing at Christmas is making a fresh country-style loaf of bread on St. Stephen's morning. It's the perfect vessel to make an epic sandwich using all of the delicious leftovers from the day before. My perfect leftover sandwich would be filled with the brown leg meat from the turkey, thin slices of perfectly roasted glazed ham, mayonnaise, herby stuffing, slightly sour and lightly spiced cranberry sauce and chunks of sharp creamy cheese from the cheeseboard. Paired with a big pot of tea and the cosy fire, there is nothing better!"

French Meringue Christmas Tree with Chestnut Cream

"This is a fun cake to have at a Christmas party as everyone can share and help themselves, while it looks great as a centre-piece. The idea is that everyone breaks off their own meringue and some fruit and dips it into the chestnut cream."

Cinnamon Swirl Wreath with Whiskey and Orange Icing

"This is a lovely breakfast treat option over Christmas – the orange and whiskey make for a lovely, festive combination with the cinnamon and raisins."

Mulled Pear Trifle 

"We always had a trifle at Christmas and everyone has their own version. This is a grown-up take on trifle with the addition of mulled pears – the alcohol really brings out the flavour in the fruit."

White and Milk Chocolate Rocher Snowmen with Melting Frangelico Centres

"We always loved Ferrero Rocher in our house over Christmas. This is a fun take on those chocolates, but they are much more technical and take a bit of time to prepare as you need to freeze the two layers for the middle separately. The inside is a more adult version, featuring a liquid centre of Frangelico, while the outside is covered in milk and white chocolate as well as hazelnuts. The nice thing about this recipe is you can just take elements of it if you wish, making truffles out of the snowman heads instead."

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