Candice Brown

Candice Brown

The Great British Bake Off 2016 winner was known on the BBC One show for her cool demeanour, fantastic bakes and ever-changing lipstick, but here are five fun facts you probably didn't know about Candice Brown. 

1. The best thing about the Bake Off was... meeting her 11 fellow contestants. The group are so close in fact, that Candice plans on having them each bake a tier of her wedding cake for her upcoming nuptials this September. 

"We all get on so well, we’re in a Whatsapp group together and speak most days. We still learn from each other, whether it’s about cooking and baking or the best place to go for cocktails in Derby! Everyone got on, there was no divide, no split, we were very much a 12. I had the best fun on the show. I laughed from the moment I woke up, to when I went to bed, and all the while in between. If I can do something, and do it laughing, then that’s the way to go." 

2. Her guilty food pleasure is... chicken nuggets. "I just love them. I'll eat them anywhere. It has become a real running joke with my friends and family. " 

3. Candice's top tip for other bakers is... to be adventurous in the kitchen.

"I would really encourage people to play around with recipes. If you don’t have an ingredient in the cupboard or the fridge, then swap it out for something you do have, or something that you know you like. A cake is always going to be a cake with the main ingredients of eggs, flour, butter, sugar. Textures and flavours are the things to change up. Write in the margins, cross things out. I love the idea of people doing that with my cookbook, and seeing what works best for them.

I think I used to be afraid of trying things, afraid of failing, but if it doesn’t work out right, just chuck it in the bin and start again. Or say that it was supposed to look like that. Eat it with your eyes closed or scrape off the top bits. That’s how you learn. Sometimes happy accidents offer the best results."

4. When she is at home she is... probably in a onesie. A woman after our own heart. 

"It’s ok to try and look nice, to wear heels and lipstick if you want. You can still have a brain, work hard and do things your own way. But as soon as I'm in the door, it's hair up, makeup off, onesie on.”

5. Candice's dream dinner party guests would be...

"Audrey Hepburn, Adele, Keith Richards, Micky Flanagan, my nan and Amy Schumer. I’d serve a seafood platter to start and give everyone bibs so they could get stuck in. Then a really good pie with mash and gravy for mains and about five puddings to finish. I'd make a crumble, steam pudding, pavlova – everyone likes a pavlova- with custard and cream and ice cream."

That sounds like some dinner party. Can we get an invite too Candice?

Candice is taking part in this year's Taste of Dublin. For more information on the food festival, check out our post here

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