With Easter fast approaching the hunt for the perfect Easter egg is well and truly underway. Here, we've selected our favourite eggs on the market this year. 

What is a better gift than chocolate? Yes, that's correct. Nothing. At least, not at Easter. Sometimes it can be a challenge to pick the right one (of course, you can always have more, but we're trying to limit the indulgence this year!) and we feel it's good to pick one that has really good quality chocolate, plus maybe something unique to offer too. So, without further ado, this is our list of this year's best eggs -  which has something for everyone, we think!

Proper Chocolate Company

58% Dark Milk and our Blond Salted Caramel Chocolate

Price €20/€17

Proper Chocolate Company is one of the few places in Ireland that do bean-to-bar chocolate. Each egg has been tempered and moulded by hand. Owners Patrick and Kelli Majorlet aren't just concerned with producing exquisite chocolate, they are also concerned about their environmental impact. With this in mind, this year, they have included an option of a box-free version for those who are concerned about minimising their waste and being more environmentally savvy. There will be a reduced price of €17 for this option. You can order your Proper Chocolate Easter egg from the website.

Wilde Irish Chocolates

Wow Milk Chocolate Egg

Price €12.99

Wilde Irish Chocolate has been making their beautiful chocolate in Lough Derg since 1997. They pride themselves on using only the finest ingredients available. You can taste that there is a lot of love and care gone into each of their handmade chocolates. This milk chocolate egg would be perfect for any chocolate lover! 

Lily O'Brien's

Sea Salted Caramel Egg

Price €15

Looking to really indulge this Easter? Then this Sea Salted Caramel Egg is the one for you. Lily O’Brien produces this delicious chocolate in Kildare, but the ship all over the world. It was the original brainchild of Lily’s Mother, Mary who set up the business in 1992 and it has been a growing success story ever since, even with the growth in their company their ethos has never changed they will always strive to produce great chocolate. 

Bean and Goose

Chocolate Hare

Price €17.50

Bean and Goose is a favourite here at F&W... It was set up by two Irish sisters, Karen and Natalie Keane. They are situated in Last Tree Farm where wild fruits and herbs grow, which inspires them in their chocolate making. This year they will be selling their signature Chocolate Hare, which looks almost too good to eat. You can order your chocolate hare from their website.

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Butlers Chocolates

White Chocolate Easter Egg

Price €11.95

For the white chocolate lovers among us, this stunningly-presented egg from Butlers comes with their creamy white chocolate truffles. Butlers Chocolate is a household name in Ireland and has a long-lasting reputation for its high-quality chocolates. Anyone would be lucky to get such an egg! 

Skelligs Chocolate

Gin and Tonic Egg

Price €17.50/€35

Yes, that's correct. A Gin and Tonic Egg. Skelligs Chocolate is one of the most recognisable chocolate brands in Ireland, each year you will see a rainbow of their beautifully packaged Easter Eggs in shops such as Brown Thomas. This year, they have teamed up with Glendalough Gin to infuse their chocolate truffle, making it the perfect egg for any G&T fans! Great Irish chocolate paired with one of the greatest Irish gins, it's win-win! 


Golden Sculpture Egg

Price €12.99

Lidl’s award-winning Single Origin Dark Chocolate Egg is a real showstopper. The Deluxe Easter Egg range is made in Cavan by Áine Handmade Chocolates and is available in both milk and white chocolate from Ecuador and Madagascar, The chocolate aroma is amazing; it tasts as good as it looks! 

Fallon and Byrne

Salted Sticky Toffee Egg

Price €10.95

One of our favourite eggs around this year is the sticky toffee egg from Fallon and Byrne. Currently on display in their Rathmines and Exchequer Street shops, they have some of the coolest eggs around. If you are trying to impress, then you have to buy this egg as a gift, but get there fast as they fly out the door!

Lir Chocolates

Cola and Popping Candy Egg

Price €9

Lir's chocolatiers have created a new range of exciting Easter eggs for this year's festivities. The company has been producing beautiful hand-finished chocolate in Ireland for the past 30 years. This year, one of their new eggs is the cola and poppy candy egg – it will take you back to your childhood memories.

Marks & Spencer

Processo Egg

Price €7.50

M&S Egg designer and creator, Katy Patino, has spent years coming up with creative new eggs. This year, there is a new range of eggs that includes this stunning Processo Egg. Katie herself even says it is one of her favourites in this year's range! The flavour is raspberry, blackcurrant and, of course, prosecco all infused into a milk chocolate case.

Hazel Mountain Chocolate

Wild Atlantic Easter Egg

Price €19.95

Hazel Mountain Chocolate, located in The Burren, decided to take inspiration from their surrounding landscape for their Easter eggs. Head chocolatier Kasha Connolly designed this beautiful Wild Atlantic egg, made using 72% single origin dark chocolate from Venezuela– making them vegan-friendly!


Ruby Egg

Price €11.99

The jury is still out of this new fourth chocolate 'Ruby Chocolate', it has certainly caused a lot of excitement and conversation. It has taken 13 years of development and has only recently been acknowledged as a part of the chocolate family, along with white, dark and milk. This year, Aldi has brought their stunningly designed ruby Easter egg to stores and we think it looks amazing! A show-stopper for sure and something very different to most. 

What Easter egg will you be asking for this year? Let us know in the comments below.