It's the most wonderful time of the year - but what makes Christmas so magic? In the lead up to December 25th, we asked twelve notable Irish people their twelve who, what, and whys. Next up, founder and head baker of Boutique Bake, Catherine Buggy.

1. The earliest Christmas memory

Putting out cookies and milk for Santa with my family on Christmas Eve and not wanting to go to sleep.

2. The most memorable Christmas gift

A canal boat for my Sylvanian Families, I was obsessed with collecting them when I was young.

3. The long-running Christmas tradition

Picking a movie to watch after Christmas dinner; never easy with a family of six, but we get there in the end and all fall asleep five minutes in!

4. The best Christmas song

Bing Crosby's "I’m dreaming of a White Christmas".

5. The uplifting Christmas movie
I love The Holiday or Love Actually... they never get old

6. The best part of Christmas dinner

Making turkey sandwiches with the leftovers.

7. The Christmas Eve routine

Watching Christmas movies...but since meeting my fiancé, who is a Christmas Eve baby, that has changed slightly as we celebrate his birthday now.

8. The Christmas drink of choice

9. The Christmas gift I’m buying myself

I'm getting married on the 21st of December, so that’s definitely my gift this year.
10. The Christmas Day game/activity that never disappoints


11. The best way to give back

Supporting homeless charities in any way you can.

12. The real magic of Christmas is… 

Spending time with family and friends, especially those who live away.

To learn more about Boutique Bake, visit their website here.