Mixing up the pronunciation of words when travelling abroad is humiliating enough, but even more red-cheeked is saying something incorrectly on your home turf, and chances are we've all been doing it with these 10 foods. 

Read on to see how you should actually be pronouncing these tasty tongue-twisters. 

1. Chorizo 

How you think you say it: chur-rits-oh

How you should say it: cho-ree-tho

2. Pho

How you think you say it: fo

How you should say it: fuh

3. Quinoa

How you think you say it: quin-oh-ah

How you should say it: keen-wah

4. Acai

How you think you say it: a-ky

How you should say it: a-sigh-ee

5. Maraschino cherry

How you think you say it: mare-uh-sheeno

How you should say it: mare-uh-skeeno

6. Nutella

How you think you say it nuh-tell-ah

How you should say it: noo-tell-ah

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7. Hummus

How you think you say it: hum-iss

How you should say it: hoom-is

8. Seitan

How you think you say it: see-tan

How you should say it: say-tan

Seitan ‘steak’ for dinner 😋 Have done pretty much zero cooking lately. It’s been a super busy few days so it was nice to finally have a proper meal. Made a huge batch of these last night and they are seriously bloody good. Got the recipe from @thehappypear via YouTube. These wheat ‘steaks’ are made with vital wheat gluten and smashed chickpeas so pack a hefty protein punch. Seriously guys, would definitely recommend giving these a go. I whipped up 16 of these yesterday ready for BBQ’s, they’re so, so easy to make and cheap as chips too. Also, a big happy 4th of July to our friends across the pond 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 . . . . #seitan #seitansteak #thehappypear #anythingyoucaneaticaneatvegan #veganized #vegansteak #yesitsvegan #plantbasedfood #poweredbyplants #veganbbq #eatplants #foodpictures #crueltyfreefood #comfortfood #veganprotein #plantbasedpower #vegetarianfood #plantbaseddiet #homecookedmeal #potatoes #govegan #vegansofinstagram #meatfree #veganfoodie #veganfoodlovers #veganmeal #veganinspo #veganeats #plantbasedprotein

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9. Anise

How you think you say it: ah-nees

How you should say it: ann-iss

10. Endive

How you think you say it: en-dive

How you should say it: on-deeve